Zahid Yaqub

Managing Partner

Zahid Yaqub is a visionary with a variety of expertise; his experience in finance, sales, and hospitality has given him a well rounded background.  He is our go to man when it comes to property valuations.  In addition to managing Invision Equity, he also resides on the Board of Managers at 1888 Mills USA.

Osaid Yaqub

Managing Partner

Osaid Yaqub brings a sense of vigor and aggressiveness that is a shining light to our entire team. With an astute eye for growing markets, he has shown a knack for looking at investments in an outside the box way and has succeeded in areas others were reluctant to pursue.  In addition to managing Invision Equity, Osaid also resides on the Board of Managers at 1888 Mills USA.




David B Simon

The Simon Law Firm

David is an attorney with 25+ years of experience in civil litigation, commercial transactions and structured finance in the life insurance industry. He is the author and creator of the nation’s longest running life insurance premium finance program, dating back to 1988. He is the co-owner of a life insurance agency that has placed over a billion dollars of premium. As part of his business he has reviewed a multitude of estate plans and is Trustee for over 100 million dollars of client assets. David currently sits on two corporate boards and two charitable boards. His most recent venture is the founding of a nationwide charity tasked with supporting other 501(c)(3) charities in their philanthropic endeavors. His network includes wealthy investors, large commercial banks and insurance professionals.


Abdul R Yaqub

Chariman 1888 Mills

Abdul is a well known titan in the home textile industry.  He has lived the American Dream from rags to riches and has successfully created a global brand, 1888 Mills.  He currently resides on the BOD of Feroze1888 (kse:FML) and is also Chairman of the Board at 1888 Mills USA.  Abdul is a phenomenal resource and has a vast network and expertise that covers manufacturing, retail, hospitality & healthcare.  He works with some of the worlds most well known companies such as Wal-Mart, Target, Hyatt, MedLine, among many others.

rashid uncle.png

Rashid Aziz

CEO Midwest Trading Group / NuvoMed

Mr. Aziz is the founder of Midwest Trading Group and has a skill set that has allowed him to successfully navigate the retail and distribution industries.  His vast network and clientele include retail giants such as CVS.  He has expertise in manufacturing, importing, and distribution of electronics, mobile lighting, medical devices, supplements and general household merchandise.


Thomas W Lane

Director 1888 Mills

Thomas completed his CPA in 1979 and runs his own accounting practice.   He was the CFO for 1888 Mills USA for 20+ years prior to retiring and retaining a board seat at the company.  He has a wealth of financial expertise.